"Uncorseted aims to take the audience on a lascivious, campy romp through sexual boundaries and gender norms, all in the context of the 1893 Chicago World Fair." dctheaterscene

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Barry Beaver’s Adventures in Happy Valley

Brother and sister Barry and Sherry Beaver learn about giving, sharing, and accepting differences. Their animal friends in Happy Valley add to the laughs. Short acts with activities and singing keep kids engaged

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Love Song to Miss Kitty

A strapping villain tries to steal a gay country western bar from an old lesbian couple, one of whom is losing her memory, so he can turn it into a dance boutique.

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LapBand Texas

Body image, our relation to food, and the relationships between sisters and their mother involving a Thanksgiving Day heart attack, theft, and a fry daddy fire that proves to be a source of redemption

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The Miss Teen Jesus Pagaent

Two gay dads stage and rig a teen beauty pageant to get their daughter into Bible college

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Since 1993

Feel Free to Produce Our Shows

We have made our scripts accessible to those who would like to produce one of our shows.  Many of the shows have original music.  We hope to build out each show's page with it production history, photos, reviews, and files for original music.

If you stage one of our shows, just give us credit and let us know so that we can add your production to the shows history.  We can be reached on Facebook.


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